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Our five-step strategy to ensure your exercise plan is a success.

Has your health and fitness deteriorated? Are you watching the scales go up each year? Have you decided to join the gym and make some lifestyle changes?

Did you answer these questions with a ‘yes’? Congratulations! You have already taken the first step in realising that something has to change.

The second step is actually the hardest part… and that is getting started.

I have trained many clients past and present who have taken the first step in realising that they must improve their health but didn’t take the next step, and actually get started for a further 12 months! This is sometimes even longer for people who are completely new to exercise.

Why the long wait before the next step?

The answer almost always boils down to a combination of fear;

  • Fear of stepping into the unknown
  • Fear that people will stare at you
  • Fear that it will be too hard

This is why it takes so long to get started, as you have to overcome those fears before you take the first steps.

And I’ll be completely honest with you, YES, it is scary!

But that is also why it’s so important to have a more personal approach to ensure you can overcome those fears.

With this blog post, we cover the exact steps that we use at B Fit to get our newbies into a habit of regular exercise. If you’re a newbie and you want to get started with an exercise regime then this will be the perfect starting point for you.

STEP 1: Create some accountability.

Support from the people around you, is essential when you make a lifestyle change. Be honest, explain how you’re feeling and the effect it is having on your life and you will be surprised by the level of support that you will receive.

Sharing your plans, and perhaps your goals, will add a level of commitment to starting an exercise program, which means you are much more likely to get started.

STEP 2: Begin slowly. Focus on the most important thing – Turning Up!

The first few weeks is all about getting comfortable in a new environment and easing yourself in gently. If you’re not comfortable, you will likely not show up and that’s no way to make a habit of exercise. Your goal when you start is to simply be present. The nature of our service is that you will meet like-minded individuals of a similar age who are striving for the same things.

STEP 3: Low intensity is the key to establishing the new commitment.

If you train too hard to soon you will likely suffer aches for a number of days. If this is new for you then it can sometimes be enough to see you fall at the first hurdle. Don’t be afraid to keep the workouts short and low intensity until you have a little bit more confidence. The trainer can always give low impact alternatives, don’t be afraid to ask. This is just the start remember. Enjoying your session is key to coming back.

STEP 4: Increase your daily activity

Simple changes to your everyday life are huge when getting started with an exercise program. Walk to the shops, take the stairs instead of the lift, make a date to walk with a friend. These positive changes can really feel like a quick win and will get you feeling in the right mindset to continue.

STEP 5: Ask for help

You have already taken the first giant step of actually walking into the gym and it is important to ensure you’re doing the right activities to achieve your goals. Here at Bfit we want you to succeed and we are happy to talk about how our service can best help you. Speak to the fitness professionals who work at your gym so they can put a plan in place for you. Review the weekly timetable and ask for recommendations and more information if you need it. This will save you a lot of time trying to figure things out for yourself.

If you have been contemplating starting an exercise program then be sure to follow these 5 steps to get started.

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