Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 2-4x/week. Individual results may vary.

Ann W

I’d been feeling rather low and had gained weight. My friend saw your Facebook page and was keen to join and asked me to join her. I thought it would help me feel better, so I agreed! I’ve lost nearly 2 stone and 10.5 ins. and my fitness is improving every week. I’m feeling much better psychologically. My diet is much improved and I'm feeling healthier and happier. I would recommend anyone to come to B Fit because the trainers are knowledgeable and caring with the right amount of encouragement to start you on your way to feeling fitter and healthier. Their dietary advice is excellent and sustainable.

  • Helen T

    Being overweight, feeling sluggish and high blood pressure, I decided I needed to start a fitness program. Desperate not to start medication, I had to take some responsibility over my general health. Thinking ahead, I want to be fit in my old age and strong with the best mobility possible for me. I have lost half a stone and a few inches here and there, but my recent photos were a real boost. My shape has changed for the better! I feel healthy, fit and very strong. I feel much better in myself, more confident and I love the fact that I can wear clothes which I haven't worn in a while. The fact that my blood pressure is not an issue is great, which I check regularly at home. I have accepted that fitness has to play a part in my life and turning up to the gym on a regular basis is now part of my weekly routine. The latest photos were a real boost and make me even more determined to continue with this new lifestyle. I had never been a member of any gym! When I showed up first, I had no idea of equipment and general "gym lingo". I have learned so many new things and I haven't been embarrassed about anything. If I'm unsure, I ask and the coaches explain. I have been made to feel very welcome . All coaches are there to help, inspire and make me do my best and of course to guide me through my routine. There is a lovely atmosphere. Also, you do not need all the posh kit that you see in other places! A variety of classes offer different things.  I've trained with so many lovely people who are fab company in all sessions. I really look forward to going to sessions, especially Women's Fitness on a Friday morning!

  • Hilary

    I was concerned about the lack of exercise I was getting and didn't like the gym when I tried it. B Fit seemed to offer a more 'normal' experience so I decided to give it a go. I'd had surgery on my spine a few years ago and went from not being able to walk to gradually increasing exercise but had lost all confidence in my body - what I could and couldn't do. I was also worried that certain exercises could cause a further injury. Since joining B Fit, I've increased my confidence through one-on-one training with a personal coach who has pushed me but always checked out with me if I was OK with the exercise task. Gradually over the weeks, I have gained confidence and have been able to push myself harder. I now feel happy to progress to just doing group classes and know how far I can push myself to continue to see improvements in my fitness.   I've increased my fitness, strength, and have lost weight. I am also much more confident, happy to keep exercising, enjoying going to B Fit. I eat better and have more energy, a pretty good change in just a few months! B Fit offers real expertise from its trainers and pushes people whilst recognising their own specific circumstances and tailors exercises to meet their needs. Its also surprisingly really good fun!

  • Tracy

    After many a failed faddy yo-yo diets and quite a sedentary lifestyle, it was time to do something about it. Something that had a bit of structure but also something that didn't restrict me unreasonably with diet that wouldn't be attainable.   Since joining B Fit, I have lost 2 stone 21.5 inches! I have seen a massive difference in my body shape - my clothes fit me well, which is a huge confidence boost when you feel good in yourself. I now make the right choices with food and eat well which in turn doesn't leave me feeling hungry and has stopped me snacking on rubbish. If I have a treat on a night out that's where it stops and I return to healthy choices straight after.   It's never a nice feeling joining somewhere new especially if you're overweight but B Fit is an excellent choice to change your thoughts about food and exercise. There's a good atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. There's no judgement made and the coaches are amazing! Every single one of them will support you or give advice if needed, all encouraging you to do well along the way!

    Mark H

    I had been undergoing steroid treatment and had put on over 1.5 stone in a 6 month period. I was also feeling tired and lethargic a lot of the time. After seeing an advert for B Fit on Facebook, I decided to contact them for an initial consultation. Kevin discussed my concerns regarding my weight and also my lifestyle, and suggested I would benefit from signing up to their 6 week starter program, which i did there and then. Having not done any regular exercise (apart from walking the dog) for some time, I was initially apprehensive and a little nervous before my first session but trainer Simon who took the class was more than helpful and explained everything in detail, answering any questions I had. I have found since that all the instructors are passionate about their jobs and make classes enjoyable (and sometimes quite tough), which makes it less of an effort to go there after a hard day at work. I have lost the 1.5 stone weight gain that i had acquired before joining and have also toned my body quite significantly. I also feel so much better and have a lot more energy. I am very pleased with the results I have achieved at B Fit as I was slightly sceptical when I first joined! But having taking advice from Kevin and the other instructors, I have changed my eating habits (as i had a terrible sweet tooth) and this, together with the regular exercise, has made me feel so much more alive. B Fit classes are not full of buffed, body beautiful people who are massaging their own egos but ordinary people who have decided to make a change in their lives. The one thing i am always impressed with at the classes is everyone is treated exactly the same yet still get sessions that are tailored to their own personal needs. Members are always keen to offer support and encouragement to others, whether you are new or a veteran and the atmosphere is always great in the classes.

  • Angharad

    I found myself in a never-ending cycle of starting a diet, breaking that diet within a few days, eating badly, putting on weight, starting a diet, breaking that diet, eating badly, putting on weight...you get the idea! I'd successfully lost 3 stone 4 years ago but never found a sustainable way of keeping the weight off and had fallen back into bad habits. Clothes didn't fit any more, I was having to buy bigger sizes. I lost confidence and really hated myself and the way I looked. It's turned out that the B Fit program suits me perfectly because the classes are at times that I can fit around family and work. I especially love the 6.15am classes as my exercise is done for the day, before I've even got to work - and if I've got time, I can always squeeze in another class in the evening! This way there's never an excuse not to go. I was a miserable size 16 when I fired off that first e-mail to Kev, now 5 months later I'm enjoying buying size 12 clothes and looking forward to buying some summer dresses to go on holiday. I would have dreaded this before! I am fitter than I have been for years. Even just walking up stairs in work I can feel the difference, I am no longer breathless by the time I get to the top. The inches are coming off, and I am now over half way to my initial target which feels amazing!

    Sue J

    I felt as I was getting older I was putting on weight and was not as active as I had been. I also felt that I needed to do something for myself, something that I would enjoy, and would help me get back on track and make me feel better. Since joining B Fit, I have lost a stone in weight. My body shape has changed and become more toned. I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn for a long while. I have progressed from lifting no weights, to light weights in training to now bench pressing 16kg! I am now able to squat using weights and in day-to-day life I have much more stamina and energy. I feel as though I have got my ‘mojo’ back. I thoroughly enjoy all sessions even though they are hard work. I leave each session buzzing with loads of energy and feel really pleased with all the compliments I’ve received about how well I look and look forward to the gym sessions. I would say take the plunge to anyone who wants to lose weight but is feeling nervous about starting. Everyone at B Fit is so welcoming and all the coaches adapt all exercises to suit you and constantly encourage and motivate you, as well as challenging you. I think once you step through the door a few times, you will realise how you benefit from the training mentoring and coaching, and the difference it will make to how you feel.

  • Lee

    "I chose to work with B Fit after looking into quite a few personal trainers, and after meeting with Kev and the team, I was very impressed with their professionalism and approach to my personal requirements. The results I have achieved are far greater than what I personally thought I would achieve at my age and physical ability. After 9 months with B Fit, I have lost over 3 stone and have completely changed my body shape and eating patterns. My life has changed considerably for the better, I'm far more active and have a much more fulfilling life. I was encouraged all through my time with them, and they gave me the tools and knowledge that I need to carry on with my personal journey once I left."

  • Sue

    "I had not exercised for many years and felt that if I didn't change things now, soon it would be too late. I agreed with my sister to do the London to Paris bike ride in 2017 and joining the gym was the start of the process. So far I have lost 18lbs in weight and a total of 21 inches. I'm now confident of success, and much happier in myself now that I have managed to make a significant change. I now exercise at least 5x per week, whereas before I did nothing. B Fit is a very friendly and encouraging place and the programme is focussed on your needs."


    David started at B Fit with a desire to get fitter, to be healthier and to lose weight. Here's what he had to say: “Since starting I’ve lost about a stone in weight and can now fit comfortably into 34" waist trousers where I was even struggling with 36". I can now also wear shirts that didn't fit previously and I am visibly slimmer and more toned. I feel much better about myself and more comfortable with my lifestyle. I now workout regularly, eat far more heathily, and feel far fitter than for many years. B Fit provide excellent advice and guidance from a friendly and competent team. The classes are great, especially the small group, which is a good way to start building confidence. And you will see visible results which is a real motivation."

  • Jan

    "I started at B Fit because I was fed up of being overweight, tired all the time and having no energy. Also, my self esteem was low and I just wasn't happy in myself. In the past I had tried all sorts of fad diets and I would lose a bit of weight on them but then something would happen and I would put it back on again, with extra. I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle and mindset and wanted a program that helped me to do this. I wanted a system that supported me with my eating habits and exercise, so that I could achieve the results I wanted."

    "Since I started in January, I have lost nearly 2 1/2 stone and 24 inches off my body and have gone down 2 dress sizes. My levels of fitness has greatly improved and I am a lot more active - my diet is a lot healthier and I have made positive changes in my lifestyle. I have definitely noticed a change in my shape and it feels nice to buy clothes two sizes smaller than this time last year. I am a lot more active and enjoying going out and doing things with my children, such as swimming and long walks - previously I would have always fobbed them off with an excuse. As well as the physical changes, I feel more confident in myself, I feel more alert, I have more energy and am happier in general. Between working long hours, two children and a house, I never seemed to have time to look after myself. I would come home late and tired from work and have a glass of wine whilst I popped something quick and unhealthy into the oven to cook. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get that far and would end up with a glass of wine and a big bag of crisps and then fall into bed exhausted. I would then wake up feeling tired and sluggish and the cycle would begin again. I would also be emotionally tied to food - something good happened - I would eat to celebrate; something bad happened - I would eat to commiserate. Also, I did no exercise - I just didn't seem to have the time or the energy for it. I knew that diet and exercise needs to go hand in hand and then by pure coincidence, I came across B Fit on Facebook and decided to get in contact. Right from the start they were professional, supportive, considerate, patient, motivating and there for me; through the good and tough times. They have helped me to rethink my habits and attitude to diet and exercise and continue to support my journey."



    "After seeing the B Fit Facebook page, I really liked the set up so decided to get involved. Since joining, my fitness has improved so much and I've lost nearly 2 stone in just 12 weeks. I no longer get out of breath running up stairs and feel so much better in myself. The dedication from the B Fit team is superb. They listened to what I wanted to achieve and provided exactly what I needed in terms of training and nutrition support."

  • Allen

    "I decided to start the B Fit program after spending a career in consultancy, which led to many hours in the car and living out of service stations and hotels. Naturally, I gradually piled on the pounds over a number of years and struggled to find the time and opportunity to exercise effectively."

    Despite trying several options from gyms to personal equipment at home, no amount of exercising was achieving the results I wanted, which essentially was a change in body shape, to achieve a good body weight and increase my fitness. Since starting the program, I have made some fundamental changes to my eating habits, but at the same time I still enjoy the foods I always have, and drinks! The focus on a balance that suits the individual and that is sustainable has without doubt enabled me to achieve the physical results. To date I have lost 9lbs, but more importantly for me, I have lost a lot of inches off my waist and hips and I have a much more satisfying body shape. Since joining B Fit, the key things that have changed are diet awareness and decision making. Training has also become a habit, proof of which that even whilst on holiday, I still kept up my training to ensure guilt free drinks and food! If you’re looking to start a program, the first thing is be committed. This is not like joining a high street gym. Mainly because this is enjoyable! The team are knowledgeable, treat everyone differently and push each to their limits, whatever they are. This has changed my whole outlook on what being fit and having a healthy lifestyle means, and that does not come at the expense of enjoying the things in life that you always have!

  • Jane

    "I started training with B Fit to prepare for a cycling tour. They’re amazing! Not only did they get me fit, I lost just short of 2 stone and feel firmer and more toned. The enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge you receive are invaluable. They are great at inspiring me to work harder than I would ever push myself. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Kev and feel much fitter and healthier than I would do without him."

  • Lesley

    “Whilst losing inches has been great, my sessions with B Fit have completely changed my approach to my training and my diet - I’m using my time in the gym much more wisely, working muscles I never realised I could get, and eating a much more sustainable healthy diet. I began training with B Fit after being so impressed with the results a friend had achieved with them. And, since seeing my results, others have signed up for the program.”


    “Before I started personal training with B Fit, I had an average level of fitness. However, at the age of 35 I had never done any weight-bearing exercise. The training sessions were always varied in activity but consistent in their intensity. I found my strength improved quickly and I saw my body shape change more than it ever had just simply doing cardiovascular-based exercise. Although I found the sessions tough, the enthusiasm and encouragement the team provided made me push harder than I ever had before. Thanks to B Fit I improved my overall fitness, noticeable in my running as I started to run faster and more importantly, I started to see shape change and definition that I had never seen in my adult life.”


    "I was going on 23 stone, struggling to do day-to-day things. Due to being severely overweight, I had very low self-esteem and everything was such an effort. My sister first started training with B Fit and I could see massive results to her. So after much thought and unhappy days, I decided to take the plunge and change my life. I met up with Kev and he was very positive and supportive of my goals. To be honest, knowing how lazy I’d become, I didn’t think I would stick to it but after several sessions I became hooked after seeing massive results, especially with weight loss and my body completely changing shape! I even managed to walk up hills, which I hadn’t done in nearly 20 years! This has changed my life in every way. I’ve realised exercise is important and how to eat right, and my whole outlook on things is much more positive."

  • Kate

    I wanted to lose weight and get fitter for my role in a mountain rescue team. After a 12 week package with Kev, I’d achieved my target weight loss, got a lot fitter and stronger, and more confident in my body and physical abilities. The combination of dietary advice and gym training worked a treat. I don’t see many women of my age using the free weights in the gym or in the boxing room. Now I use both confidently, and I never thought I’d enjoy the boxing quite so much! I’ve recommended Kev to friends, and I’d recommend him to anyone!


    “Well what can I say! Kev has progressed from a personal trainer in my local gym to what I now consider, a close personal friend. His lively and vibrant personality is extremely infectious. In terms of training, his programs are always fresh and dynamic - I never know what I’m going to get, but I’m always 100% pleased with the results. His training is so versatile and he will cater for anybody’s needs, no matter what their ability is. In a nutshell, Kev is a lot of fun, approachable and I think what really sets him above everyone else is his attention to detail and how thorough he is whilst coaching – he strives for the best results. The fact that Kev has already been there, done it and won it means that his experience has been completely invaluable to me and I know that I’ve benefited hugely from his influence and boxing coaching sessions.” WKA – British Lightweight Champion, IKF – British Super Lightweight Champion, WKA – European Super Lightweight


    “I started the Fatblast program in preparation for my wedding. I was going to the gym on a regular basis but felt I was stuck in a rut and receiving no results from my own efforts. B Fit talk you through your goals clearly at the start of the program and set you some realistic goals to achieve. Every session is unique, and the program is tailored to your ability and end goal so you really feel like you are achieving something with each visit. That, combined with the dietary analysis provided means you start to notice a difference even in a short space of time. It has had such a positive impact on my health, diet, fitness and body shape – my total inch loss after 6 weeks was 10 inches!”


    “Working with B Fit was an extremely rewarding experience. I had never had sessions like these before and was quite anxious at first thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do anything! But every session was varied, exciting and challenging, and I couldn’t believe how much my attitude towards exercise in general had changed. I went from saying that I couldn’t do things to pushing myself to surpass the next goal – and that was all thanks to the determination, dedication and friendly nature of the trainers, who won’t let you give up until you’ve achieved what you signed up to do!”


    “Having done the same classes for a few years, I was getting bored and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. That’s when my cousin recommended B Fit. I went along to one of her sessions and found it really challenging and it made me realise I’d got into a fitness rut. So I signed up for the 12 week program and I was so pleased with the results! They completely re-educated the way I thought about exercise and what I should be eating, and I could see and feel the difference within a few weeks. That was over a year ago and I’m still training with them now because the sessions are always challenging and fun. They will constantly be monitoring how my fitness is, improving and advising me on my food choices from the last week. I’m now confident I can make the right exercise and food choices week-in week-out that fit into my busy lifestyle, help maintain my figure and keeps me challenging my fitness levels."


    "I decided to sign up to the Fatblast Program to kickstart my weight loss for my wedding in 2015. I’d seen what B Fit PT had done for others before and wanted some of that! In no time at all, life has changed for the better. I made small changes to the way I was eating, and combined with the training, immediately felt more active and healthy in general, and more alert especially in work. For anyone thinking about doing the program, I definitely recommend it! Kev and the team are very knowledgeable, friendly and always make sessions fun. They give endless advice on nutrition and give you that extra push and motivation that you just can’t get when training on your own. It was a great way too to try out now activities, such as boxing, which seemed a little bit daunting previously."

  • Anne

    “I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, and the pain had become so bad that I could not walk for more than 100 metres without being in pain. My physiotherapist suggested I started to build the muscles surrounding the knee and that this would help me walk further and without pain. So I started training with B Fit about 3 months ago and I have found that my overall strength has improved tremendously. I can now walk quite long distances and up hills without pain or discomfort. A major breakthrough! We have been specifically working with kettlebells to target the areas that needed strengthening and I have found additional benefits in toning and strength throughout my body, including upper body strength. I am fitter and stronger than I have been for nearly 20 years and it is fun!"


    Since starting my training with Kev, I have reached lots of my personal fitness goals, just seven months after starting. With Kev’s unique training style I was able to complete ‘The Great North Run’, which after spending most of my life being very over weight, was something that I hadn’t even thought I would be able to achieve.”

    Finding himself unfit and unhealthy, Wynne Evans changes his lifestyle and loses 3 stone in 7 weeks with B Fit! KEV: Joining me here today is Wynne Evans…Hey Wynne! WYNNE: Hey mate, good to be here with a legend of the fitness world in Cardiff! KEV: Can you tell me your full name, age and profession? WYNNE: My name is Wynne Evans and I’m 43. What I do for a living is debateable I guess…I started life as an Opera Singer, and I’m still a principal at the Royal Opera House. Recently, I’ve become a radio and TV presenter with my own shows on the BBC and S4C, and my own weekly radio shows on BBC Radio Wales and Classic FM. I suppose if you were to ask most people if they knew me then they would also describe me as ‘The Go Compare Man’. KEV: How long have you been training with B Fit? WYNNE: I’ve been with B Fit for about seven weeks. KEV: What made you decide that now was the time that you needed help to really focus on changing your lifestyle? WYNNE: I had an email from Kev saying “Are you over 40, a dad, lethargic and feeling unfit?” and it struck a chord! I thought …tick, tick, tick, tick! KEV: It can be a daunting experience when you make the decision to seek extra help. Can you share with us how you felt? WYNNE: I felt ashamed if I‘m honest. I felt ashamed that I had let myself get into the most horrific state. None of my clothes really fitted me, I was thinking about my weight all the time and I hated the way I felt. I just felt ashamed of the way I had become. KEV: And why did you decide to choose B Fit? WYNNE: I chose B Fit because I trusted Kev to have my best interests at heart. I knew that although I live in the public eye that everything would be confidential and that no matter what state I was in, Kev and his team would be there to help and not judge me. KEV: What was your life like before you joined our program? WYNNE: I suppose I overindulged in everything! KEV: And how is your personal life different to when you first started training with B Fit? WYNNE: The B Fit staff inspired me to change. Gently at first with a tailor made program to fit me as someone who couldn’t really do much physically. At first they just inspired and encouraged me. The first thing I said was “I can’t give up the wine”, and they told me I don’t have to but I do have to earn it, which seemed to make perfect sense. KEV: You have achieved great results recently. Tell us a little bit about them. WYNNE: At the moment, I’ve never felt better. I’m still very, very overweight and I mustn’t lose sight of that because there’s no time to ease up. But in seven weeks, I’ve lost 3 stone and between all my measurements, I’ve lost 22 inches around my body. What does that mean in real terms? I’ve lost six inches around my chest and 7.5 inches from around my waist. KEV: Our program includes a lot of nutrition and lifestyle coaching strategies. Can you share your experience of how they have helped you? WYNNE: Being honest and sharing my food diary 3 or 4 times a week helps me to think about what I put into my body. I’ve basically thought about what food choices I have to make and how I can make better spur of the moment food choices. I don’t always get it right (wine!) but I’m getting better. KEV: What would you say to somebody who is sitting on the fence about joining B Fit? WYNNE: DO IT! You can’t be in a lower place confidence-wise than where I was. There is nothing to fear. It’s a positive experience and no matter what your fears are, they will be addressed by the team sensitively and proactively. KEV: What’s the one key takeaway you have had since working with us? WYNNE: I am in charge of my destiny. If I make bad food or life choices, it will impact me. I’ve found every time I’ve made the right choice, the team are there to support me and when I make a bad choice they tell me. Honesty is the best policy! Don’t be frightened to start – I was and it was the wrong way to feel. The guys at B Fit aren’t ‘Muscle Marys’! In other words, no one is judging you. I came in at the lowest level but I was made to feel like I was achieving. I’m still not what people would call ‘fit’ but I am in my own world and that’s all that matters.

  • Thomas

    "I started training with B Fit as I felt I was wasting my time in the gym, not knowing what I was doing. I started the program 12 weeks ago and I now feel great. I lost weight and can now see my muscles coming through! The results were far better than I expected. The best thing about having a trainer is that I get a great workout even on days when I would normally find an excuse to not use the gym. Also, I now do things right for my goals and it pushes me the extra step. Don’t just go to the gym to be there! Sign up and get results fast!"

  • Les

    "In August 2012, after spending the best part of 2 years feeling “not 100%”, and after persuasion of the doctor to send me for blood tests with pains in my feet and ankles, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was 44 years of age and suddenly, I’d gone from a comparatively healthy 20/30 something who would rarely take any medicine, not even a paracetamol for a headache, to a fat middle-aged man who suddenly was on a regime of pill chasing."

    Devastated is not the word! After the initial self-blame and loathing, I decided that I had 2 choices – let diabetes control me or I took control of it – I chose the latter and faced my demons. I took note of all my medical vitals then joined a gym! Knowing physical exercise was a good way to control or maybe even “cure” the disease, I weighed and measured and started to pound the treadmill. What a painful experience it was, mentally and physically. The scales tipped 21st 9 lbs. and after 46 seconds of brisk walking on the treadmill, I thought I was going to die! How could I let this happen to myself? 2 weeks passed and little was going except my enthusiasm and motivation.   Enter my solution… Kev Foley and B Fit Personal Training. After an initial consultation with Kev and an analysis of my needs and goals, he set about getting me onto the road to a healthier, slimmer me and hopefully, a kick in the butt to the diabetes I so desperately wanted to be rid of. It wasn’t going to happen overnight! I signed up for 6 weeks initially, twice a week and was adamant I was never going to do half the things he expected, like boxing! Each session Kev would push a bit more with trying an exercise, encouraging to just try and if unable, a simpler alternative to work towards it. It elevated the self-imposed embarrassment of being a fat guy doing exercise.   Kev started to introduce interval training, resistance training and bouts of cardio and combined training. I held a kettlebell for the first time ever and then came the fateful day…boxing gloves! Good grief, the dread, the shame I was going to encounter of probably punching like a weed. “It’s a fantastic form of exercise Les, it works the whole body, you’ll love it. Come on!” I remember Kev saying encouragingly after my warm up on the bike. Did I go without making a fuss and some noise to the boxing room? NO. What a revelation, it was actually awesome. I loved it!   The 6 weeks passed and I dropped a couple of stone and a few inches so it was a step in the right direction. I even dropped some pills, but impatience was setting in. Months went by, my diet was good but I plateaued for what seemed forever. Kev kept saying it was probably my meds as everything else was in order. He persevered and tried to keep me focussed. By now, I was also doing circuits and box ‘n' tone classes with Ellis, Kev’s new edition to the training team. I was working like mad! Kev wrote and rewrote my exercise plans and regimes, constantly trying to satisfy my now negative mind and approach to my diabetes cure quest. I was building muscle, I was fit but I couldn’t drop the pounds and slim down to get rid of diabetes. Was it ever going to happen?   Breakthrough came in April 2014 when Kev did the 21 Day Fatblast Program, a 3 week course of nutrition analysis and exercise to kick start weight loss. I enrolled. With a new mindset and the nutritional rules given to me by Kev, plus extra research as to what worked at lowering my blood glucose and what made it spike, Fatblast began. After 3 weeks, I lost a stone – 18st 11lbs down to 17st 11lbs! Both Kev and Ellis were now even more encouraging and pushing harder. There was a new found enthusiasm and need to succeed. A further 12 weeks down the line, I’m 3 1/2 stone lighter, healthier and now med free! In fact, I am now classified Diabetes resolved. CURED.   I can’t begin to thank the B Fit family and team enough for their perseverance and belief that we could beat it. I’m now healthier than I’ve ever been and love every aspect of my workouts. Kev and the B Fit family, I can honestly say, are one of the best things to have happened to me health wise and mentally. I love the new me, what I am achieving, and the health it has given me a second chance at.