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VIP Personal Training

One-to-one training

While the small-group approach to personal training is our focus, traditional one-to-one coaching is still an important part of our service.

Some people have needs and goals that demand that extra focus, while others find a bit of extra dedicated support can be beneficial now and again.

When one-to-one works

One-to-one training would be the best option for those who want more privacy when working out and anyone with a serious injury or health issue that needs more dedicated support.

We’d also recommend that anyone who wants to focus on a specific area of training or developing a new skill would be a good fit too.

Our VIP Program is best for those who:

  • Require more care and attention with their training
  • Have existing injuries or health issues that they need to rehabilitate
  • Want the exclusivity and extra privacy by working one to one with a coach

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