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Are you eating perfectly healthy meals and putting in your time at the gym and still not seeing the results you want? If your snacking is out of control then your results will always be disappointing.
Here’s our guide to healthy snacking that will boost your metabolism and keep you on track.

1. Calories count
Portion control is king. Almonds are healthy, but if you down 800 extra calories in them, you’ll quickly gain weight. Use the portion control advice that is often included on packaging.

2. Fill up on protein & fat
Don’t be afraid of fat. A high fat snack does not contribute to body fat. Healthy fat, such as avocado or almonds, will satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling fuller longer.

3. Avoid sugar calories
Refined sugar is a catalyst for fat storage, so avoid any snack that contains sugar. Remember that eating sugar is a quick fix. The sugary snack will satiate your hunger for a very short period of time, and then you’ll quickly be hungry again.

4. Don’t be fooled by 100-Calorie Packs
Just because the food companies have reduced the size of the portion, doesn’t mean you are making a healthy choice. A hundred calories of junk food is still not a healthy snack. You are better off avoiding the junk completely and eating something wholesome.

5. Use the ‘Is It Real?’ Test
If you are eating fresh, real foods that are unprocessed and wholesome, you are making healthy choices. These real foods are naturally filled with fibre, vitamins, and minerals and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals. The test when deciding if a snack is worth eating is this: If your snack can go bad, then it’s good for you. If your snack can’t go bad, then it’s bad for you.

6. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates
When your goal is to lose weight and increase lean muscle then eating refined grains such as crisps and crackers, will work against you. If you only take one tip away from this article, let it be to remove grain-based snacks from your life. This single change could very well recharge your weight loss.

Take control of your snacking to remain committed to your fitness goals.

Remember exercise plays a huge part in getting in shape and losing weight.