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The Team

  • Kevin Foley
    Owner and Body Transformation Expert

    Why train with me?

    I have been working as a personal trainer in Cardiff for the last 12 years, helping people of varying ages and abilities to reach their peak in fitness.

    From an early age, an interest and talent for sport has lead me to a successful career within the fitness industry.

    With more than 10 years of competitive boxing experience and having reached the international stage boxing as an amateur, I have had the chance to train with the elite athletes of today gaining invaluable experience and training techniques.

    Following on from a successful boxing career, I then found a new love in Kettlebell training after discovering the number one kettlebell training provider in the world, through an organisation known as the RKC. It revolutionised my understanding and approach to fitness, and with it, how I train myself and others. I am currently the only RKC instructor in Wales.

    This experience allows me to offer a unique type of exercise for group or individual sessions. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different to the bog standard gym session then you need to get involved.

    The other key event in my fitness career was witnessing the effect of kettlebells on women. Little time passed before my female clients saw huge improvements in their physique, and in ways they never expected. But it was more than the physical. By simply learning how to lift heavy objects, the world had become less intimidating for them. They acquired a sense of pride in doing the unexpected.

    At that point I made it the mission of my business to teach the art of strength, a unique approach that delivers beautiful physiques and self-assured attitudes.

    No job has ever been so impactful or positive to me. It’s why I look forward to every day of this awesome career.

    General Interests

    Kettlebells, Boxing, Golf, Cooking and Football

    Favourite Quotes

    “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”


    Inconsistency, lack of effort and prolonged workouts. Why stay in the gym for 90 minutes when you can do it more effectively in 45 minutes?

  • Simon Grisman

    Simon graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2014, where he studied strength and conditioning, sports rehabilitation and massage. He has 5 years of experience in the fitness industry working as a fitness instructor. His main areas of expertise involve strength and conditioning and sports massage, which he is qualified through the Sports Massage Association.

    Away from work, Simon plays rugby for St. Peters and Cardiff Demons Rugby League. He also enjoys trying to achieve his own fitness goals with particular regard to strength and power development.

    That desire to improve his own athletic ability inspired him to enter the fitness industry in order to help other people achieve their own fitness goals.

  • Jon Bell

    Jon has worked in the fitness industry for 3 and a half years. He started out working at leisure centres and at Sports Wales where he took circuits, boxercise, kettlebells and trx sessions. He also worked at the Village Hotel as a personal trainer and lifeguard for 3 months.

    Jon classes himself as a cardio freak! He loves running as it not only keeps him fit but because he gets to spend time outdoors, which he loves. He also enjoys circuits, boxercise, spin, kettlebells, TRX, cycling and swimming.

    Jon says the best thing about working with clients is seeing people improve their goals, gain confidence and be happier,fitter and healthier.

    Outside of B Fit, he loves spending time with his 2 year old son, whether it's taking him swimming, to the park or just being in the house with him. When he gets a chance he'll go out for a run, and also enjoys watching football and rugby. And when he gets the house to himself, he loves spending time with his PS3!

  • Rebecca Williams (Becca / Bex)

    Rebecca decided to become a personal trainer in 2015 as she has a passion about health and fitness and the positive impact it has on our mental health. She was a sporty child and teenager, enjoying team sports like football and netball as well as athletics. After University whilst doing her PGCE, she decided to sign up for the Cardiff Half Marathon and has never looked back! Becca qualified in January 2016 and in May 2016 decided to become a UKA Run Leader.

    Since qualifying she has led several social running groups for beginners and progressive runners. She currently works with a handful of clients on a one-to-one basis all of which have different goals from weight loss to half marathons.

    Becca enjoys all types of training. She says her go-to activity is probably running as it’s so accessible, but she also really enjoy weights training and would like to do more yoga!

    One of her favourite things about working with clients is seeing them achieve something they never thought they could. She loves to see people improve and the positive impact training has on the individuals.

    Outside of the gym Becca loves spending time with her other half and their dog – going on adventures. She's one of 7 siblings so spending time in North Wales with her family is one of her favourite things to do. She also enjoys travelling, eating, the odd glass of red wine and listening to good music!

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