This is quite a common question that I get so here’s my thought on the matter.

It depends…

It depends on a number of things, like whether you have experience exercising in the past, whether you have a good support group around you, whether you have the confidence to follow through with it or whether you have the knowledge to do it safely and effectively.

It also comes down to whether you join a fitness program that is actually right for you.

Let me give you an example…

We work primarily with men and women who have either never exercised before or have not exercised for such a long time that they wouldn’t know where to start. So I’ll base my example around this type of person.

If you belong to this category and you were considering joining a standard gym in the hope to get a bit fitter before embarking on a fitness program then I WOULD NOT recommend it for you.

Here’s 2 reasons why:

Firstly, going into a busy gym is a daunting experience and not just for beginners. I even have times now when I walk into a new gym and feel like everyone is staring at me (BTW that’s just the way their machines are facing, they’re probably watching TV!).

Secondly, after you are shown how to use the equipment, you’re left on your own. You may know how to get the treadmill started or know how to start the bike up, but it will soon get boring and start to feel like groundhog day. Plus you won’t really know if what you are doing is the best thing for your goals.

Here’s what happens… every time you enter the gym you feel a bit uneasy and a little intimidated, so you head to the only place you feel comfortable, which is in the corner on the treadmill or bike that you were shown how to use at the start.

If you’re lucky you might do this for a number of weeks before things start to get boring, your motivation sways and you give up.

At this point the last thing you’ll want to do is to join another program where you could potentially fail again.

A much better and successful way to start your fitness journey is to work with people who understand your needs.

By working with B Fit, not only will you be joining a community of like-minded men and women in their 40’s,  50’s and 60’s but you’ll be following a proven program that is specifically designed to ease newbies into exercise, focusing on building healthy habits, increasing confidence and exercise knowledge, whilst gradually improving you.

If you’re ready to make a change take a look at our programs here: B FIT PROGRAMS