I’m a firm believer that if you want to achieve long-lasting shape change then you need to adopt a non-restrictive and sustainable approach.

This means that you still allow yourself to eat the foods you love or still enjoy a glass of wine or a beer at the weekend BUT in moderation.

Whether it’s a dessert, a pizza or tipple of your favourite drink, these things are a part of life and to say you won’t have any is setting you up to fail from the start.

However, I do feel there is a place for restriction and I’ve seen many people use this restriction to their advantage.

Here’s when you can really benefit from a little restriction.

1.When your motivation is low
A lot of people struggle to maintain motivation when the scales don’t shift as quickly as they’d like it to. There are also a lot of people who like to see results before they commit to the process. If this is you then a few weeks on a strict nutrition and exercise plan may be just the start you need.

2.When you hit a plateau
There can be a number of reasons why people hit a plateau. It could be that your exercise routine is not challenging you as it used to or you could even be overtraining.

But the most likely cause for it is that you have got comfortable again, you’re not as consistent with your training and your old eating and lifestyle habits are starting to show up more and more often each week.

This can be a perfect time to introduce a short burst of focus and a little restriction.

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What does restriction mean?
It means being strict on removing the foods or drinks that are taking you further from your goals. It does not mean living on 1 meal per day, shakes or extremely low calories.

How much weight can you lose?
Now this all really depends on how bad your current eating habits are and how well you stick to the process. Most people lose between 5-10 lbs. but it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to drop 14 lbs.

How long would you follow a plan like this?
21 days is the sweet spot here – you see 21 days is long enough to see substantial changes but also short enough for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you’re finding it tough.

Remember you need to approach this kind of diet plan with a short-term mindset. The initial focus is to accelerate your weight loss and boost your motivation.

After completing a program like this, the aim is to keep on to some of the good habits you’ve developed and then to slowly and occasionally start to reintroduce the foods you love. Ensuring that it is occasionally is the key to longer term success.

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