How To Enjoy The Festive Period With NO REGRETS

Read on for your December Survival Guide with 6 simple strategies to keep your weight down and still enjoy the foods you love this month!

The festive season is just around the corner and before you know it we will be in full celebration mode, with office Christmas parties starting soon, if not already! For some people December becomes a whole month of indulgence.

Lets Face It:

It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan throughout December.

Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks…from treats and office parties to family visits and huge meals.

When you add in a busy schedule filled with shopping and get-togethers it can make it tough to squeeze in exercise. Combine this with the extra calories you take on and you have a recipe for disaster as far as the scales are concerned.

The good news is that you really can get through Christmas without gaining weight. It will take some planning, but you will thank yourself when January 1st rolls around.

Follow these top tips below for a guilt-free December.

  • Adjust Your Goal: From Losing Weight To Maintenance

Just remember Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself, not a time to be miserable from deprivation and worrying about your weight.

In order to enter the New Year without tipping the scale, it is a good idea to try to maintain your weight during the next few weeks instead of trying to lose weight.

Remember: You must allow yourself occasional treats and drinks, but just focus on keeping the scales where they are rather than losing.

  • Plan To Move

Even moderate intensity workouts can burn 300-400 calories per hour.

Adding this calorie-burn will help keep up with the richer food that you will be eating.

You will also be less likely to overeat if you have just sweated through a hard workout!

Whether you go for a hike with your family, do a quick bodyweight workout or simply go for a 20 minute stroll, make an effort to get your body moving before any indulgence and you’ll feel much better for it.

  • Start The Day With A GREAT Breakfast 

Breakfast simply sets you up for the day. Try and start each day with a whole rounded breakfast – this means getting a good portion of protein, vegetables, a little starch and some fruit.

Starting the day like this will ensure you fulfil all your nutritional requirements and you are far less likely to overeat or snack on sugary treats.

Top Tip: This is especially important if you have been out drinking the night before. Try starting the day with a ham, tomato and spinach omelette to cover all your bases. Oh and don’t forget water to re-hydrate.

  • Control Your Hunger

Showing up to a buffet or party hungry will most certainly see you overeat.

Drink water and have a protein-filled snack (such as nuts or cheese) before arriving.

This will help you to have more self-control around the temptations.

Top Tip: Try not to congregate around the buffet as this will encourage mindless eating. Fill your plate with protein, salad and veg whilst leaving a little room for treats.

  • Weigh Yourself Twice Each Week

Normally I wouldn’t recommend jumping on the scales too often, but during the festive period it’s a great way to stay on track with your goals.

If you see the scales start to creep up, you can immediately take steps to correct it, such as backing off your calories for a day or two, drinking more water or adding in a little more exercise.

  • Deal With Leftovers

If you have mounds of chocolates or unhealthy leftovers at home then you are likely to eat them.
Don’t leave them sitting around. Give them away, throw them, freeze them do whatever you want with them just don’t leave them in the house, it’s not worth the temptation!

So there you have my top 6 Christmas strategies. I promise if you apply these, you’ll be a lot more likely to go into 2019 with no added weight gain.

Remember these tips and keep a vision of what you want to feel like on January 1 in mind.

Best of luck!