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One of the biggest challenges for people looking to lose weight is hunger. If you go more than 3-4 hours without any food, it tends to creep up on you.

Instead of eating just three large meals a day, try snacking between to keep hunger at bay.

Here’s a few weight loss snacks to stop hunger.

1.Greek Yoghurt

If the goal is losing weight, Greek yoghurt could be the answer. With lots of protein, the yoghurt tends to be filling and can be a vehicle for lots of other snacks. Honey can be added to create a little extra sweetness or add some fruit, berries or nuts for more flavour and texture.

2.Grapes and Walnuts

Sweet and savory really come together when you pair up grapes and walnuts. Grapes offer something sweet and are really easy to take on the go. At the same time, walnuts bring a little crunch to the snack and are also easily portable. With a great combination of healthy fats and protein, grapes and walnuts make for a great duo.

3.Edamame Beans

Fibre and protein tend to make the body feel full. Edamame beans offer the body both, making it a great weight loss snack to stop hunger.

4.Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs keep the thyroid functioning properly and can help with your metabolism. Try adding a little something extra to the mix to ensure that the snack tastes great while helping with weight loss goals.


While hummus is a great snack on its own, it often requires a couple of items to round out the plate. Add things like pitta, cucumbers or olives to the snack to get the sensation of eating an entire meal. These items are low in calories and can look mouth watering when placed all together on a plate.


If a food has higher water content, it tends to make you feel full. The result is eating less. Few foods can compare with the water content of a watermelon. About 90% of a one cup serving is water and only has about 45 calories. To spice things up a bit, consider adding a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to this sweet treat. It works to help the body break down proteins.

7.Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is something to always have on hand when it comes to preparing snacks. It can be coupled with several healthy items to create a filling snack that tastes great too. Pair the peanut butter with a banana to get a quick spike in energy. Add some apples for another mix of sweet and savoury.

8.Courgette Chips

Courgette can offer a great taste. Just slice it thinly, drizzle olive oil over the top and add some salt and pepper. With a little help from the oven, you’ll have a delicious snack in no time.


Apples have already been mentioned in relation to peanut butter, but there are lots of other things that pair well with this bright fruit. Cheese balances the flavour of an apple well and changes up the texture of the snack. This snack does more than just fill you up – it can also help to prevent weight gain.