It’s no wonder lack of time is the most used reason for not living a healthy lifestyle. Life is moving so fast and we all want more of it!

When making a lifestyle change and introducing new habits like exercising regularly and eating healthy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Your day is already jam-packed so how are you going to find the time to prepare healthy meals?

These top 5 tips will help you save time and money whilst still staying healthy.

1. Keep a shopping list

It may sound pretty obvious but keeping a shopping list really can cut your shopping trip down by 50%. Wandering aimlessly from aisle to aisle gets your mind racing with new ideas on what to eat and before you know it, you have a shopping trolley full of things you don’t actually need. That’s why they say never go shopping on a empty stomach, because it’s inevitable that you will get cravings and you will buy what you see.

2. Cook an extra serving the night before

Save yourself the time having to leave the office to look for a healthy lunch. Heading to the shops on your lunch break will likely see you pick up something quick and unhealthy or some sort of a meal deal, and you know you just can’t resist that pack of crisps and a fizzy drink for an extra 50p. Make it easy on yourself and take pre-prepared food.

3. Make it easy to snack

By simply having healthy snacks readily available will save you time, money and calories. If you work on the road try keeping a bag of apples in your car and a tub of almonds to keep you fuller throughout the day. Or if you’re at the office take in a punnet of fruit and add some mixed nuts.

4. Save time on food prep

When you shop, the choice of individual servings or bulk size packs means the difference between time and money. While individual serving items such as yoghurt, instant porridge, 100-calorie packs and pre-cut veggies and fruits (frozen or fresh) tend to be more expensive than larger packages or bulk quantities, they will save you time and help with portion control.

If money is of greater concern than time, then choose the bigger food packages and portion out your snacks and meals into a few tupperware boxes. It will only take a few minutes to prepare snacks and meal portions for a whole week, and you’ll save lots of money too.

5. No time to exercise!

Try a home bodyweight workout. You can get your heart pumping and calories burning in less than 15 minutes! You save time on travelling to the gym and can easily fit it around your day.

I have put together a special 7 day bodyweight workout regime here if you need help. Just click on the right one for you!

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